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D/FW Hindu Temple Vedic Science Museum

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Please visit the temple library to see the Vedic Science Museum that illustrates our great Sanatana Dharma and its contributions to the areas of science and technology.

The museum consists of some highly informative and compelling posters that highlight topics across many areas including neuro-science , cosmology, mathematics, food and other important topics.

These posters are intended to be a teaser into the vast area associated with Vedic Sciences.

Signficant effort has been expended on Sanskrit language transliteration.

We urge you to visit the museum first and then dive deeper into the resources in this website. Happy viewing!

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Shuban Narayanan's Eagle Scout Project
- Vedic Science Museum
Thank you to Coppell Troop 841 & Vidya Vikas!
by Shuban Narayanan, 11th Grader Coppell High School

Shuban's Eagle Scout project is helping drive modernization of Vidya Vikas!
by Abhishek Bansal
Vidya Vikas High School Teacher

Vedic Knowledge concepts captured in the Museum
by Manish Singh
Vidya Vikas High School Teacher


There are eight concepts associated with Yoga (called Ashtanga or 8 limbs) that are applicable in daily life. In this poster, we identify practical ideas for the audience to utilize and learn about the 8 limbs of Yoga.

Recommended books to read:

Recommended Apps (preloaded in iPAD):

GIO - Yoga and Meditation app
Go and check this out

Ashtanga Series by Kevin M Gates
Go and check this out

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The central principle of Ayurvedic cooking is that food be freshly made and served warm so that it is nourishing, balanced to the doshas, and easy to digest. This poster will give you great ideas for starting in your Ayurvedic food journey

Here is a simple recipe: Click here

Recommended books to read:

Recommended IOS app (will be preloaded in iPAD):

Ayurveda Dosha Quiz by Bamboo Entertainment inc
Go and check this out

Ayurveda cook book, app by Rahul Baweja
Go and check this out

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Mathematics is critical to success in today’s world of STEM and Computer Science. Give your child a leg up by encouraging them to learn Vedic Mathematics. The techniques associated with Vedic Mathematics opens up your mind and encourages critical thinking.

Recommended books to read:

Recommended apps (preloaded on iPAD):

Best Vedic Math by Rahul Baweja
Go and check this out

Other resources:

Vedic mathematics methods

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The brain is the most powerful organ of the body. Great things can be achieved through the brain and learning how to control it.

Recommended books to read:

Recommended apps:

Go and check this out

Go and check this out

Other resources:

Prof. John Hagelin, Maharishi Institute of Management
The Brain and the Meditative State

Scientific American
What is the function of the various brainwaves?

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Convergence of Vedic Cosmology and Modern Science: From Aham to Atman

There are many points of overlap between Vedic Cosmology and Modern Cosmology. For example, in Sanātana Dhārma, the universe is not one single entity. There are an infinite number of universes that are being created and destroyed. In other words, we live in a universe that belongs to a multiverse. Modern quantum mechanics is also coming to the same conclusion. This poster will open your eyes to remarkable similarities between ancient wisdom in the Vedas and cutting edge modern science.

Recommended books to read:

Interesting resources to view:

Recommended apps (preloaded in iPAD):

Go and check this out

Sanatan Yatri
Go and check this out

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Additional resources to explore Vedic Sciences

Here are some excellent experts and resources for you to explore Vedic Sciences.

Dr. Subash Kak

The next big scientific changes will be informed by Vedic ideas, Prof. Subhash Kak

Vedanta, Consciousness and the e-Dimensional Universe, Prof. Subhash Kak


The Science Behind Sanatan Dharma Sadhguru

This 5-Minute Meditation Will Change Your Life Guided By Sadhguru

Dr. John Hagelin

Consciousness, a Quantum Physics Perspective, Dr. John Hagelin

It's Time To Wake Up - We Are All One, Dr. John Hagelin

Hacking Consciousness at Stanford University, Dr. John Hagelin

Origin of the universe according to Rig Veda:

Origin of the universe - Nasadiya Sukta of Rig Veda

Lex Friedman podcast:

Lex Friedman's podcast on Consciousness

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Disclaimer: This museum and website has been created by Shuban Narayanan , a 11th Grade student at Coppell High School, as part of his Scouts Eagle Scout community service initiative (part of Troop 841) and his Vidya Vikas high school religion class.

An attempt has been made to ensure that only publicly available materials are utilized for this museum as well as the website. Attribution and references have been added to this webpage.

Please reach out to Vidya Vikas for your feedback.